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With New Cracks In The Judiciary, Will Politics Reclaim Its Hold On Ayodhya Issue?

The apex court, by directing the case to come up as a title dispute, which is a narrow legal facet of this case, has thus continued to manage the conflict. The Supreme Court is all set to hear the Babri Masjid-Ram Janambhoomi matter Thursday. The 130-year old title dispute poses …

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Remembering ‘Rohit Vemula’: Why Dalits, Youth And Women Are Sparking Mutinies In India?

January 17 marks the “shahadat diwas” (martyrdom day) of Rohith Vemula. His last letter of idealism continues to haunt the nightmares and dreams which stalk the winter landscape with Neo-Nazi twilight zones lingering in infinity. One BJP leader has warned that the Constitution will be changed, hitting at the core …

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‘Dekha Ek Khwab’ From ‘Silsila’ Launched Javed Akhtar’s Career As A Lyricist

On his 73rd birthday, a tribute to the first film track by the renowned screenwriter and poet. Javed Akhtar smoothly switched tracks from writing brilliant screenplays along with Salim Khan between the 1970s and the early ’80s to churning out hit songs with beautifully rhymed and deceptively simple lyrics in …

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