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From Dabeli To Khandvi: Gujarat Is A ‘Street Food’ Paradise

During my recent visit to Gujarat, I explored the state by road — covering the Kutch region, as well as the Ahmedabad to Modhera stretch on the other side. Gujarat has always been on the international map for its art and culture, and this is topped by the hospitality and …

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This ‘Basant Panchami’, Nourish Yourself With Healthy Portion Of ‘Yellow Foods’

Eating a food that’s great for our brain is an apt way to spend this day. It’s Basant Panchami today. This festival is a celebration of the shift in seasons and marks the onset of spring. Spring denotes hope and new beginnings, and that’s probably why the colour of Basant …

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What Is Bulletproof Coffee And How It Can Make You Lose Weight?

This drink, created by Dave Asprey has taken the world. Hundreds of people post pictures of this drink every day over social media and boast about their weight loss regime. Coffee has almost become an indispensable part of one’s daily routine in the modern era. From students pulling all nighters …

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